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Birth Doula Care 

As birth Doulas, we provide continuous emotional and physical labor support for the birthing couple, facilitate communication between the laboring woman, her partner, and clinical provider, provide advocacy, 
informational support and resources. As doulas, we serve as the anchors who nurture and protect the birth experience you desire.


What is included?

  •  Free meet the Doula consultation

  • 2 prenatal visits

  • Doula services for the duration of the labor

  • 1 postpartum visit and

  • Unlimited text/phone/email communication during pregnancy and up to 1 month postpartum.



Doula fees range according to certification and experience up to $875.

$75 is collected as deposit fee to reserve our services

$400 is due by 36th week

$400 is due after the birth

You may also choose to include a consultation with a Certified Lactation Consultant to your doula package for an additional $100.

Birth Doula

Contact us for a free doula meet up/consultation where we can answer all your questions and concerns. We have other Doulas Available upon request. 

As Doulas, we offer:
As Doulas,  We Do Not:

Prenatal Visits

We conduct two prenatal visits to help discuss your birthing desires and establish a trusting relationship. During our visits we go over the various pain management techniques we use during labor and the various ways that we can help nurture the birthing environment you desire.

Labor Support 

We provide continuous labor support for the entire duration of your labor and stay with you typically up to 2 hours postpartum.

Postpartum Visit

We conduct at least 1 postpartum visit. We help you navigate motherhood challenges including providing breastfeeding support and resources and referrals.

Perform any clinical tasks

We do not perform any clinical task, including but not limited to prescribing medications and or conducting cervical exams. We do not replace your medical provider.

Make decisions for you 

We advocate for you and help you navigate pregnancy and birthing decisions as they arise. We can give you resources and referrals to help you make an informed decision. 

Replace Your Partner and/or Birth Companion 

We work closely with partners and birth companions. 

Speak to the medical  staff on your behalf

We work for you and will encourage and empower you as you communicate with your birthing medical team.

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For the entire duration of your pregnancy and up to a month postpartum, we provide you with information, resources, referrals and advocate for you.

Project any of my own beliefs onto your experience

We support each birthing couple's desires and our goal is to empower you to have the birth experience you desire.

What we do/don't Do
Benefits of Doulas for your health and wellbeing

The presence of a Doula has been shown to reduce the following during labor*: 

  • Overall cesarean rate is reduced by 50%

  • Length of labor is reduced by 25%

  • Pitocin use is reduced by 40%

  • Pain medication is reduced by 30%

  • The need for forceps is reduced by 40%

  • Request for epidurals are reduced by 60%

*From the book, Mothering the Mother, Marshall H. Klaus, M.D., John H. Kennell, M.D., and Phyllis H. Klaus, M. Ed., C.S.W., 1993. 

Research also shows that couples report better bonding and women are more likely to have a positive birth memory with a doula. One study showed that the doula's presence in the birthing room alone betters birth outcomes. When she is actively attending the laboring woman, birth outcomes are statistically even better. Some studies have looked at the differences between a doula and other medical professionals, such as nurses and midwives, for whatever reason, doula care has better birth outcomes with fewer interventions than other professionals providing that kind of support. 

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